Transmission FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of the cellular plan transmission?
It is an action that indicates you understand and accept the message of the Elohim as the truth
and recognize them as our creators. Once your cellular plan has been transmitted, it will be stored in the Elohim's computer, which stores all actions of our life. The Elohim will take into account the action of having your cellular plan transmitted in the final judgment of your life. The Elohim record everything the people on this planet do, and this data is used when judging whether someone deserves to be reborn or not.

Q: Who can have the cellular plan transmission done?
A: Anyone may have their transmission done, whether a member of the Raelian Movement or not, with the provision they are of legal age to choose their religion according to local laws (if below the required legal age, the authorization of a parent or legal guardian is required). It is completely free and we do not ask for anything from you, nor do we ask you to join the Raelian Movement. However, if you have been baptized, we ask you to write an Act of Apostasy and send it to your former religion. This way you inform them of the existence of the message of the Elohim and that you no longer wish to be counted as one of their members.

Q: What is done during the cellular plan transmission?
A: The Guide of Guides (or Guide empowered with the ability to transmit) will put one hand on your forehead and the other one on the back of your head. By doing so the Guide of Guides (or empowered Guide) acts as a transmitter, who, after receiving the vibration of your genetic code, then transmits this information to the Elohim's computer, which records all our actions. The Guide of Guides (or empowered Guide) who performs the transmission will wet his/her hands to establish the best contact when touching your forehead, and to make the transmission of your cellular plan easier. There is no physical pain in this.

Q: When and where does the transmission take place?
A: It takes place all over the world four times each year at 3:00 p.m. (local time) on the following dates:
August 6th: the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.
October 7th: the day Rael had the second meeting with the Elohim.

December 13th: the day Rael had the first meeting with the Elohim.
The first Sunday of April: the day the Elohim created the first human on Earth.

Q: Is there any fee for having the cellular plan transmission? A: No, there is no fee for anyone.
􏰀 The cellular plan transmission is done only once in your life.
􏰀 If you would like more information concerning the cellular plan transmission, please contact us

Also, if you have not read the book Intelligent Design - Message from the Designers
read page 332 
and page 236 
- Transmission of the Cellular Plan and the Forehead Bone

Click here to download the book in PDF format

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